Internet Marketing Appeal

Why is internet marketing so popular? What makes it so special? Compared to traditional marketing what makes internet marketing different?

The answer is quite simply, it’s cost versus it’s reach. In traditional marketing the choice of media is key. Internet marketing lets marketers choose between a wide variety of media. From newsletters, to video, to even one-on-one conversations.

One of the biggest benefits of internet marketing over traditional marketing is the low cost of entry. Just about anyone can throw up a Squidoo page at little or no monetary cost. This although a great benefit, is not the most important one.

Another benefit that online marketing has over traditional promotion tactics is the ability for instantaneous feedback. This is a main staple of direct response marketing. I’ll tell you want, the direct-response and direct mail kings of old would have a field day with the internet and world-wide-web.

The internet allows for almost instantaneous feedback. Meaning you can see if what you are doing is working or not. For example you can have stats on your website to see if the forum post you did a few minutes ago attracted any visitors.

Or you can test if the email you just sent to 7,000 people got you any sales. Or you can put up a little ask campaign, surveying your prospects thoughts, and get answers right away that you can put into your next product.

The feedback loop for online marketers is great, however that’s not even the best benefit of internet marketing. By far the biggest reason why internet marketing is a revolutionary form of marketing is it’s enormous reach.

The internet literally connects the world together. If you have a website, literally your reach if over a billion people. Over a billion people can visit your website, see your business offer, at little cost compare to traditional media.

A combination of the three, low-cost, instant loop and broad reach will provide online entrepreneurs with endless amounts of opportunity for some time to come.

5 Deadly Direct Sales Consultants Recruiting SINS, Improving Home Based Business Presentation Skills

Do you find yourself constantly wondering why is it is that some people find it so easy to persuade virtual strangers to do business with them? How is it some people with minimal effort are able to build massive downlines, while you struggle daily to generate interest in your direct sales home party business?

Today I would like to address 5 things that I see daily, that are costing many home party consultants and direct sales business owners profits and home party sales, I call these Deadly Direct Sales & Home Party Recruiting SINS:

Deadly Recruiting SIN #1: Thinking that everyone that has a pulse is your prospect. Coming in at a close second is the advice to tell and ask everyone to join your business! It is true that is not your duty to decide FOR potential prospects whether the business opportunity you are presenting is or isn’t for them. However, it is not mathematically feasible that every single person needs what you have to offer!

Deadly Recruiting SIN #2: You are not selling, you are just sharing. Sales have had a bad reputation – there is still a misconception that sales people are insincere and manipulative (anything for a sale). If you are in it to share your business opportunity, in that case you had better cut your losses and call it a day. The purpose of business, any business is to realize a profit! The only exception to this rule are the much loved Not For Profit Organizations!

Deadly Recruiting SIN #3: Failure to ask questions that reveal your potential home party recruits “hot buttons” or “needs”. Most home party consultants have been trained to conduct dog and pony shows. Lay out all the features and benefits of the company, never pausing to take a breadth and a step back to find out the prospects reasons for doing for not doing business with you!

Home Party Marketing Tip: It is not about why you think she would benefit from working with your company or what qualities she has that would make her a good home party consultant. It is about, WIIFM: What’s In It For Me!

Deadly Recruiting SIN #4: Not asking for the sale. I have been to many an home party & Home Party Plan demonstration. Some were expertly and professionally conducted, others left a lot to be desired! It is always a surprise to me just many people are willing to leave the sale at the table because they fail to ask for the money. If you have been following the Prospecting 101 Video Tutorials that I created for you, you will by now have learned how to remedy this problem!

Direct Selling Success Tip: Ask And You Shall Receive!

Deadly Recruiting SIN #5: Refusal to accept a no for what it is – NO! Is an objection really a request for more information? Or is it an glaring testimony that the proper ground work was not covered? Here is an example that I recently came across, when a prospect says, “I don’t have enough time”, she may really be unaware of how much time a job like this takes. A great response is, “How much time do you think this takes?” This gives you the opportunity to clear up any misconceptions she may have about the business.

Ok, if after the end of your presentation most people are not buying, or saying no; it is safe to assume the following:-

Genuine lack of interest
Failure on your part to have conducted the necessary research on home party attendees
Failure on your part to provide the best-fit solution.
Home Party Sales Tip: Become customer centric. Remember as Mark Sanborn states “The pleasure of the buying experience is as important as the price of the product.”
And now I’d like to offer and you can claim At NO COST to you, your own personal guide on how to create home party and direct sales business success.

Affiliate Marketing – Meaning & Uses

Affiliate marketing is a kind of internet marketing strategies that has been becoming immensely popular of late. The word affiliate means “additional” or “secondary”. Hence the term affiliate marketing is an addition to the original conventional direct marketing methodology.

In affiliate marketing the internet plays a major role because this brings the buyer and seller close to each other. A relationship is established even without personal contact. The seller advertises his product or his request through a website. The seller gets to know about this through various search engines. For example paid surveys are one classic example of affiliate marketing.

Any business is dependent on the consumer feedback. It is very important to conduct a detailed market research to analyze the customer satisfaction towards a particular product. What better way to find this out, than getting first hand information from the customers themselves? The business website produces an online questionnaire which has many questions relating to the product satisfaction, customer feedback, ways to improve etc. The user has to just log in into the buyer’s website and fill up this questionnaire. The best part about this whole exercise is that, the user gets paid for filling up the survey. Hence just by filling up a simple questionnaire about a product one uses, one gets paid handsomely.

Affiliate marketing has many advantages. The first and foremost thing is that they help in huge savings of cost, time and energy. In direct marketing, meeting up with the customers, explaining the product benefits to them and eventually striking a deal with them ends up in consuming a lot of time. However in affiliate marketing, just by a click of the mouse the buyer and seller are introduced to each other. All one needs is very minimum investment and a personalized website to excel in business.

Secondly, the cost savings are huge in affiliate marketing. In direct marketing, one needs to travel a lot to meet potential customers. Setting up an offline business also needs huge investment and necessary approval from the government for setting up business in certain areas. There are lot of middlemen involved in this and if business has to be set up properly, all these middlemen must be paid heftily. Therefore, other than the main business costs, these kind of secondary costs bring up a huge bill. All these costs are eradicated in case of affiliate marketing, because everything is set up online.

The third and the most important advantage is that one can have an excellent work life balance. The user can make money by working just for a couple of hours from home. Hence this helps in managing personal commitments very effectively in addition to official commitments. The working hours are very flexible and making money through affiliate marketing is not too demanding from the user’s viewpoint. The user can effectively distribute his / her personal time for more productive purposes. Hence affiliate marketing is one best method to earn quick money from home itself. More number of students and housewives are getting more attracted into this business now.

Internet Marketing For Newbies – What You Must Know

There is no cheaper, easier way to start a business than going online. All the tools you need are literally right at your fingertips. With internet connectivity, you can literally reach your target market easily. With the low cost of hosting and internet service provider fees, the overhead costs nearly close to nothing at all. The most important thing that you have to think of is learning how to best use the tools at your disposal to help make your business work!

The first thing you have to recognize about internet marketing is the fact that the internet is completely different from all the other existing methods of marketing. The web allows you dynamic options beyond the capabilities of other existing media. This is most in the fact that you can directly interact with your customers the moment they enter your site. This direct form of communication between you and your market allows you to adjust accordingly to hat you learn about your market as each day unfolds.

Second, the web allows you to earn through varying internet marketing methods. With computer media at your disposal, your profits need not be limited to actual point of purchase sales. There are many other methods to earn from your site. Having advertisements like Google ads that pay you per every click from your site visitors generate decent to really good amounts of income. There are several variations to this as well, such as pay per click or pay per vote.

Another important factor of internet marketing is having an identity. This is actually a bigger challenge than it sounds. With over millions of users, there is a strong degree of competition in getting a stake to a name. It is even more difficult to establish the identity after you secure your brand name. One of the major rules in establishing your identity is having name and brand consistency. Always use the same name in your advertisements, banners, emails and other online marketing media. In this way, you can inform your target market that your brand exists.

One other facet of identity in internet marketing is the recall factor. You must remember to create an image is that is not only intriguing but also memorable. There are simple ways to ensure that you’ll get return customers and that is through having a good memorable name.

Finally, we can now move on to the most important point of having an identity, reputation. In internet marketing, reputation is the one of the first things that your market will want from you. A good reputation gives new clients a sense of security, a sense of assurance that makes them comfortable to acquire services or procure products from you. When a buyer has nothing to fear from a store, they will gladly spend their money investing it. In fact, buyers encourage the prevalence of good sellers by choosing those with good reputation.

With these in mind, you can now start making your plans on creating a successful business venture online. The possibilities are almost endless when it comes to choosing what kind of direction and strategies you will take.