Internet Marketing For Newbies – What You Must Know

There is no cheaper, easier way to start a business than going online. All the tools you need are literally right at your fingertips. With internet connectivity, you can literally reach your target market easily. With the low cost of hosting and internet service provider fees, the overhead costs nearly close to nothing at all. The most important thing that you have to think of is learning how to best use the tools at your disposal to help make your business work!

The first thing you have to recognize about internet marketing is the fact that the internet is completely different from all the other existing methods of marketing. The web allows you dynamic options beyond the capabilities of other existing media. This is most in the fact that you can directly interact with your customers the moment they enter your site. This direct form of communication between you and your market allows you to adjust accordingly to hat you learn about your market as each day unfolds.

Second, the web allows you to earn through varying internet marketing methods. With computer media at your disposal, your profits need not be limited to actual point of purchase sales. There are many other methods to earn from your site. Having advertisements like Google ads that pay you per every click from your site visitors generate decent to really good amounts of income. There are several variations to this as well, such as pay per click or pay per vote.

Another important factor of internet marketing is having an identity. This is actually a bigger challenge than it sounds. With over millions of users, there is a strong degree of competition in getting a stake to a name. It is even more difficult to establish the identity after you secure your brand name. One of the major rules in establishing your identity is having name and brand consistency. Always use the same name in your advertisements, banners, emails and other online marketing media. In this way, you can inform your target market that your brand exists.

One other facet of identity in internet marketing is the recall factor. You must remember to create an image is that is not only intriguing but also memorable. There are simple ways to ensure that you’ll get return customers and that is through having a good memorable name.

Finally, we can now move on to the most important point of having an identity, reputation. In internet marketing, reputation is the one of the first things that your market will want from you. A good reputation gives new clients a sense of security, a sense of assurance that makes them comfortable to acquire services or procure products from you. When a buyer has nothing to fear from a store, they will gladly spend their money investing it. In fact, buyers encourage the prevalence of good sellers by choosing those with good reputation.

With these in mind, you can now start making your plans on creating a successful business venture online. The possibilities are almost endless when it comes to choosing what kind of direction and strategies you will take.

Article Marketing – 7 Methods to Earn Profits With Article Marketing

Article Marketing is a quick and simple, yet powerful and effective means to start earning money with one’s own writing skills. This opportunity has come up as a result of the growth of internet as the world’s biggest knowledge bank. For any kind of information requirement or problem, the internet offers a link with a solution. At the end of the link is usually an article written by some expert with his explanation of the solution.

As there are many experts in the world, there are many solutions, many articles and many web pages and web sites, running into millions. If you have even a little skill in writing, you can make money by writing articles.

There are two primary ways in which you can achieve this – the direct way and the indirect way. You must clearly understand both these methods to be successful.

1. The first method is to write articles directly for your own website or post them to various article directories. Using this method you can create a reputation of being a good writer. However, this approach takes a relatively longer time to bear fruit.

2. Ghost-writing is another direct method. It involves writing articles for another person, who is already running an article marketing campaign. Since he wants a large number of articles to be written, he will find other people to write and pay for those articles. The copyrights of the articles remain with the buyer, not with the writer. Thus, you can start earning with minimum investment.

3. An indirect way is to use programs like Google’s AdSense, which displays sponsored advertisements on relevant pages. If someone browsing your article page clicks on such a link, you are paid for that. This improves your standing in the eyes of the Search Engine.

4. Articles act as influencers for choice of products and services on the internet. When a user compares products before buying, he read through various articles about that product and then makes up his mind. Hence, article marketing serves to build the brand.

5. Community forums want more traffic on their websites and the only way to do that is to offer good content. Hence, they are willing to pay you for writing on their discussion forums. This is another direct way of earning your bucks.

6. Article Marketing is the quickest means of achieving results in the online world. It works in subtle ways and is more effective than traditional banner advertisements.

7. Article writing pays you more, the more you write, the more content you produce. This is a volume game!

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Optimizing Your Direct Mail Campaigns

If you were forced to choose only one sure marketing strategy for getting advertising or promotional materials to your new and future customers, that method should be direct mail.

A direct mailing campaign offers many attractive features. It is an effective and convenient way to get information about your business and products to your customer base right in their own homes or businesses. It is easy to catch your customers eyes with attractive brochures, and you can hold their attention as they peruse your ads at their own leisure. It is also a good way to get your information to a large group of people and is extremely economical! In addition, your potential customers will find this marketing technique less annoying than intrusive methods like telemarketing.

There are some downsides to direct mail, however. For one, if not formatted correctly, your customers may perceive your mailings as junk mail and not give them the attention you hoped for. As a result, the recipients might not bother opening your mailings and actually look at your offer.

This risk is more than offset by the huge payoff that can result from direct mailing campaigns. Even if only a few percent of your mailings result in successful sales, the slight cost of direct mailing will be well worth your time and money.

Here is an example of how direct mailing can pay off. Suppose you have an item you would like to market that costs you $50 to make or buy, and that you sell for $200. To inform customers of your product you send out 1000 mailings to past customers and people in your local community. Lets say you can do these for about 50 cents per item (the cost of producing the advertisement and postage). That means your 1000 mailings will cost you $500 total.

Next, lets make a very pessimistic estimate of your return rate. Suppose that only 1.5% of the people who receive your mailing actually end up purchasing your product. This means that you will make 15 sales of $200 each. This might not seem like very much until you analyze the costs and profits. You invested $500 in producing the mailings and $500 to obtain the product. You had a gross income of $3000, and, after costs, a net income of $2000. This is a huge return for what was essentially a very small investment!

The best part of the deal is that this example used a very small rate of successful sales conversion (1.5%). With quality mailings that are adequately focused on your customers needs, you should be able to increase that number up to 20% or more!

As another example, consider a recent popular self-help book. The publishers of this book chose as one of their first marketing campaigns a series of mass direct mailings. After their first mailing, they estimated their success rate in converting mailings to sales at 20%. They then followed this up with a second wave of mailings in which they greatly increased the mail volume. Their success rate shot up to 24%! In a third wave of mailings, their success rate stayed steady at 22%!

This is a good example of a well-timed direct mail strategy. The publisher used the first mailing to get the word out about the book and kick off sales. The second and third mailings were timed to capitalize on the success and recognition that the book had already obtained. Once people had heard good things about the piece of literature, they just needed the extra incentive of the mail advertisement to motivate them to go to the store and make the purchase.

To create your own success story like this, make sure to take care when you create your mailings. A poorly written ad will not increase your sales no matter how many people you send it to. In fact, writing a good ad is difficult to accomplish and requires a good deal of creativity and professional quality writing. You can find books on the subject if you are unsure about your writing and graphical design skills.

The other tricky part of a direct mail technique is to decide who to send the materials to. If you send your mailings to the wrong people, you are wasting your time and money. Do a thorough analysis of your customer base and their purchase records in order to determine who are the best targets for your direct mail campaign.

Direct mail is one of the easiest, cheapest, and most efficient marketing devices you can use. A little thought and care into the creation of your direct mail advertisements will reap you huge rewards in sales and is well worth your time.