Don’t Be a Marketing Fool

Yes, today is April Fool’s Day, but that doesn’t mean you should be a marketing fool today (or any day)! In my opinion, the biggest mistakes in marketing are made in the follow up. Are you being a marketing fool, or are you being a marketing genius?

Let me give you 2 examples of how Marketing Fools and Marketing Geniuses do things differently in their follow up…and how you can be a Marketing Genius!

Example 1:

Marketing Fools spend all their money in one place. Think Super Bowl ads. Sure, big companies can do this (even though they’re still fools), but not me and you. Spending our money in one place is dangerous.

Think about it…how many things have you bought after seeing it ONE time? I bet you can count the purchases on ONE hand. That’s why spending our marketing dollars in one place is a bad idea. Buyers need consistency to trust you…and to really see/hear your offer.

That’s why… Marketing Geniuses spend their marketing dollars in multiple places with the same marketing message. Again, buyers need consistency. They need repetition.

Just think of yourself as a buyer. Don’t you buy after hearing a message multiple times?

Also, think about where you hear marketing messages. Aren’t you more prone to buying a widget if you’ve heard about it on the radio, in an e-mail, on the TV, and from a friend? The more places you hear about it/see it, the better the chance you’ll want it.

Be everywhere your market is! That’s how Marketing Geniuses play the game!

Example 2:

Marketing Fools spend their time designing pretty ads and messages that catch their prospect’s eye. Think big or multiple pictures and little copy (text). Think full color. Think attention and not response…no action after seeing the message.

You see, when you use marketing like this, you don’t stand out! Every fool is marketing this way…and there are more fools than geniuses…so, if you look like everyone else, don’t you blend in? Duh! Of course you do.

That’s why… Marketing Geniuses spend their time designing intriguing messages and offers that draw their prospect into their web. This is known as Direct Response marketing. This is what geniuses use.

You don’t want to leave your marketing to chance. You want to draw your prospect in and keep them in. How do you do it? With words on paper!!!

Sure, pictures are involved, but not as the main attraction. You have to be different. When most other entrepreneurs are using pictures and few words…go the opposite direction. Few pictures and tons of words.

Not only will this draw people in…it will also allow you to offer them something of value. Here is where marketing geniuses make the prospect take action. You have to elicit a response from the prospect. The more they get involved…the more they buy.

Final note: NOW is the time to follow up more than ever. In this recessionary economy, you’re going to see most entrepreneurs fail…and some succeed.

Mark my words, the entrepreneurs who market and follow up the most NOW will be the successful ones…they will be the entrepreneurs of the future!

Yellow Pages Advertising As A Marketing Strategy

Are you doing yellow pages advertising to your advantage today? If so, then you should know that there are a lot of things that need to be done in order to make your yellow pages ad a success. The first thing that you need to supplement your ads is to have a tracking medium in place that will allow you to code your ads.

You don’t want to send all of your ads to one location. This way you won’t be able to track with revenue source is making you the most money. This way when you need to track your advertising, you know exactly the techniques that is bringing you the most sales and profits.

So when running yellow pages ads, keep these tips in mind.

Now there are a few people that you need to worry about and not worry about when it comes to getting more response from your yellow page ad. The people that you don’t need to worry about are the advertisers who run those 3 liner ads. People skim over these in a heartbeat.

But the people that you need to worry about are those who run display, half, and full page ads. These are the type of people who will take up most of the pages, and if you can incorporate your display ad in a great locations somewhere not close to the other ads.

The trick to make your yellow pages ad work is to not make it look like an ad. Make your ad seems newsworthy and informative in nature. Be sure to make your contact information look like something that a newspaper editor would provide for you.

If none of these techniques don’t work for you, then consider NOT using the yellow pages anymore. I once heard of guy who tried to sell his product offline using all the right strategies, but it didn’t work for him. But as soon as this guy turned to the internet to market his book, he got a TON of sales.

I mention this story is because if one strategy doesn’t work for you, it’s time to change and do something else. That’s just the nature of business. Your goal is to shake the “hurt” of, and getting out there in the advertising scene again. Run an advertising campaign that it’s different, and that makes everything seem clear and coherent.

Yellow pages advertising can work, and your best bet would be to generate a lead, and follow up on these leads, as soon as possible. This is how I would go about marketing my yellow pages ads… what about you?

You only have a short time frame to make this campaign work for you, so make sure you do it right. Mail out to your leads at least once per month, and continue to stay in their minds on a monthly basis. You can really turn yellow pages as a profitable source for you, you just have to know how to structure your ads accordingly.

Good luck with using these tips to have the most success as possible in your business.

Direct Sales – What Are Filler Advertising Packs?

I am often asked “What are filler ad packs?” by other Direct Sales Consultants. Filler Ad Packs are also known as Filler Advertising Packs but for the sake of this article we will use the common usage term of Filler Ad Packs.

Direct Sellers started making up Filler Ad Packs a few years ago as a means to market their Direct Sales Businesses.

Let me explain what they are and then give you a few ideas on what you can do to make your own creative filler packs.

Filler Ad packs are little zipper close bags measuring approximately 3 inches by 5 inches in size. Some people do use non-zipper close bags but then you will need a ribbon, staple, or other item to close your bag. Once you make up several of your little Filler Ad Packs, you will want to find other Direct Sales consultants to swap Filler Ad Packs with. That consultant will hand out your Filler Ad Packs at her home parties and with her customer orders and you will do the same with your customers.

It’s a win-win situation for both consultants involved as it is getting your business information out there to new people you might not of reached on your own.

Enclosed in the little bags are a few things such as:

Business Card
Discount Coupon
Sample of a Product (or) a little promotional giveaway item

It doesn’t matter what type of Direct Sales Company you are with, there is always some type of item that you can use to create your own Filler Ad Pack.

Here are some creative ideas to get you started.

Direct Sales: Candle Businesses

tealight candles, match books, mini scratch and sniff cards with candle scents, pens, pencils, magnets, candle burning tip sheet, mini candle snuffers, mini note pads or even little birthday cake candles.

Kitchen and Gourmet Food Businesses

recipe cards, spice sample packs, cookbook bookmarks, corn cob holders, mini pill boxes, cocktail drink umbrellas, refrigerator magnets, shopping list pads, mini note pads, chore lists, kitchen cleaning tip list, pens, pencils, kitchen scoops, mini chip bag clips, printed food gift container labels, spice jar labels, mini herb garden seed packs, single serving tea bags, single packets of instant coffee, coffee pods, bottle openers and jar grippers.

Book Consultants

bookmarks, printed children’s coloring pages, book ID plates, chore lists, mini note pads, pens, pencils, mini erasers, business card magnets, stickers, mini desk top calendars and ABC children’s refrigerator magnets.

Jewelry Consultants

magnetic business cards, jeweled bobby pins, hair barrettes, pony tail holders, samples of jewelry cleaner, jewelry cleaning tip sheet, pens, pencils, extra earring backs and inexpensive jewelry charms.

Cosmetic, Bath and Body, and Skincare Consultants

magnetic business cards, product samples, mini note pads, pens, pencils, skincare tip sheet, extra eye shadow sponge applicators, make-up sponge, sample pack of cotton swabs, cotton balls, samples of bubble bath, samples of body lotion and mini fingernail files.

Craft and Art Consultants

mini printed children’s coloring pages, pens, pencils, erasers, glue sticks, kids scissors, magnets, mini 4pk. crayons, mini colored pencils, paint brushes, chalk, stickers and balloons.

Miscellaneous Items such as these can also be used:

mini vinyl window clings, temporary children’s tattoos, all occasion gift tags, individually wrapped hard candy, packs of gum, mini wallet sized calendars, emergency id cards, key fobs, garden seed packs, paper clips, colored staples, mini blowing bubbles, and scratch off discount coupons.