How to Become a Direct Marketing Copywriter

There are no shortcuts to become an expert direct marketing copywriter. The expertise which many copywriters want to possess comes with a lot of practice, a lot of cross- referencing, and a lot of exposure to new and different methods and styles of writing direct mail marketing copies. However, one point worth remembering is: the ultimate aim of your copy is to sell the product and nothing else. Therefore there are no set ways or methods of writing the ‘perfect’ direct marketing copy. Whatever style is makes a successful sale is the best!

However, a few pointers would see you through if you are attempting to write a direct marketing copy yourself. Firstly, be friendly. You are attempting to ‘connect’ with a vast pool of faceless and nameless people who you call your audience. The only welcome approach would be the friendly one. Speak to your audience as you would speak to them over a cup of coffee. Keep your tone warm and engaging. Make your audience feel that they are the single most important species on the planet. There is nothing like a little ego massage to get you going. Secondly, never bore your audience with long sentences, jargons, technical terms, and a story about yourself! Most copywriters tend to focus so much on themselves- why they are what they are and so on, that they forget about their objective of writing the copy. Your audience doesn’t care a zilch about who YOU are and why you are selling whatever it is that you are selling. And you know what, they don’t even care two hoots about the product! Seriously! All they want to know is why they should buy your product and what use would it be to them. So before writing about all those ‘salient features’ of your product in bullet points, get your act together and write, instead, what the benefits of your product are.

Your copy is directly responsible for the image of your company. If you write negative things about some other companies or products, it would reflect on the reputation of your company. The best way to keep a squeaky clean reputation would be to avoid indulging in verbal battles. Many companies indulge in rabble rousing copies about how ineffective their competitors’ products are compared to their own. Keep away from any such intentions even if you are tempted to. Always let your customers be the final judge.

The last advice would be to make sure that your product lives up to its reputation. Your copy would have created an image in the minds of your audience about your product. If, by any chance, it fails to deliver in one or more parameters, your customers would write it off immediately. And a negative remark takes negligible time to spread and can seriously damage your reputation in the market.

Reverse Marketing Definition

You hear a lot about Reverse Marketing these days both positive and negative.

Being that it is a very valid form of both marketing and lead generation, I figured I would shed some light on it to give you a better understanding.

First of all, I have found that most people I’ve spoken with who have anything negative to say about Reverse Marketing really do not understand what it is or how it works.

Reverse Marketing, by definition, is when a sales person or a recruiter contacts a potential prospect through the contact information in his or her existing advertising.

For example…someone selling advertising might browse through advertisements in competing magazines and call the business owners who placed those ads to sell them more advertising in his own magazine. This is a very common approach to prospecting used by many “main stream” companies to gather fresh prospects…and it can work for you too. In fact, it works so well, that it is responsible for more than 90% of my own prospecting efforts in network marketing and direct sales.

How would you like to be able to generate more qualified leads than you can ever contact without having to spend a dime in advertising?

How would you like to completely eliminate your advertising budget all together?

How would you like to never have to buy leads again?

The leads you will generate through reverse marketing are better, more qualified, and more responsive than any lead you will ever purchase.

Who would you like to have in your downline?

People who are just “looking”?

Curiosity seekers? Or do you want people who are action-oriented individuals and who are truly serious about building a business?

If you answered the latter, then reverse marketing is a must for you to learn and master.

Reverse marketing is very easy to learn how to do. In fact, with only three simple questions you can get just about any serious business person interested in what you have to say!

If I can show you how to get better and faster results with your business while spending less time and money building it, would you be interested in knowing how to do that?

If I can show you how to generate more leads than you can ever call without spending a dime, would that be of interest to you?

If you had the opportunity to learn how to build your business from one of the most successful marketing experts on the planet, would you pass that up?

There is nothing “under handed” or “unethical” about reverse marketing either. People who would say that or allude to that have never used it properly and have never truly understood how it works.

For example, if you are building a business and I call you through one of your ads and ask you if you would be interested in knowing how to generate more leads for your business than you could ever talk to without spending a dime, you would be interested to speak with me…you know you would…and so would every other truly serious business person out there.

You are simply finding your customers in a targeted manner. The best way to find people who are action oriented business people is to contact people who are currently taking action. People who are advertising and promoting their products and opportunities are definitely action oriented people…the kind of people you want to talk to.

People call me on the phone ever day through my ads to tell me about their advertising products, opportunities…etc. I don’t get upset with them and hang up. I ask them what they have to offer and use that opportunity to create a new business relationship. Then I show them what I have to offer that can assist them in building that business.

I’ve coached people for years in the area of network marketing and direct sales. One for one I help them save money by generating their own leads through reverse marketing and make more money because the leads they do generate are better and more responsive than the ones they purchase or advertise for.

Don’t Be a Marketing Fool

Yes, today is April Fool’s Day, but that doesn’t mean you should be a marketing fool today (or any day)! In my opinion, the biggest mistakes in marketing are made in the follow up. Are you being a marketing fool, or are you being a marketing genius?

Let me give you 2 examples of how Marketing Fools and Marketing Geniuses do things differently in their follow up…and how you can be a Marketing Genius!

Example 1:

Marketing Fools spend all their money in one place. Think Super Bowl ads. Sure, big companies can do this (even though they’re still fools), but not me and you. Spending our money in one place is dangerous.

Think about it…how many things have you bought after seeing it ONE time? I bet you can count the purchases on ONE hand. That’s why spending our marketing dollars in one place is a bad idea. Buyers need consistency to trust you…and to really see/hear your offer.

That’s why… Marketing Geniuses spend their marketing dollars in multiple places with the same marketing message. Again, buyers need consistency. They need repetition.

Just think of yourself as a buyer. Don’t you buy after hearing a message multiple times?

Also, think about where you hear marketing messages. Aren’t you more prone to buying a widget if you’ve heard about it on the radio, in an e-mail, on the TV, and from a friend? The more places you hear about it/see it, the better the chance you’ll want it.

Be everywhere your market is! That’s how Marketing Geniuses play the game!

Example 2:

Marketing Fools spend their time designing pretty ads and messages that catch their prospect’s eye. Think big or multiple pictures and little copy (text). Think full color. Think attention and not response…no action after seeing the message.

You see, when you use marketing like this, you don’t stand out! Every fool is marketing this way…and there are more fools than geniuses…so, if you look like everyone else, don’t you blend in? Duh! Of course you do.

That’s why… Marketing Geniuses spend their time designing intriguing messages and offers that draw their prospect into their web. This is known as Direct Response marketing. This is what geniuses use.

You don’t want to leave your marketing to chance. You want to draw your prospect in and keep them in. How do you do it? With words on paper!!!

Sure, pictures are involved, but not as the main attraction. You have to be different. When most other entrepreneurs are using pictures and few words…go the opposite direction. Few pictures and tons of words.

Not only will this draw people in…it will also allow you to offer them something of value. Here is where marketing geniuses make the prospect take action. You have to elicit a response from the prospect. The more they get involved…the more they buy.

Final note: NOW is the time to follow up more than ever. In this recessionary economy, you’re going to see most entrepreneurs fail…and some succeed.

Mark my words, the entrepreneurs who market and follow up the most NOW will be the successful ones…they will be the entrepreneurs of the future!