Marketing Morsels – Direct Marketing Tidbits Full of Wholesome Goodness

The other day, I was digging through a box filled with tons-o-marketing stuff and came across one of my old tiny, but useful marketing tools – a postcard with some direct marketing tips that I used as a customer contact tool.

Here are some “Marketing Morsels” that I think will be useful to you:

==> A loyal customer is nine times as profitable as a disloyal customer.

==> The best way to keep tabs on your competitors is to become their customer and see how they treat you.

==> In direct response, the offer is everything. Craft an extremely potent offer before writing your ad or sales letter. Make it an offer they can’t possibly refuse. Don’t complicate your offer; keep it simple.

==> Mail your customers free “gift certificates” in the form of a postcard.

==> Remember, people do not buy your product or service; they buy the benefits of having your product or service.

==> In direct marketing, there are two rules and two rules only; Rule #1: Test everything! Rule #2: See Rule #1.

==> Call your clients and ask them why they do business with you. You’ll discover a few common reasons. Use this information in your headlines and in all your advertising.

==> Repeat your offer and your guarantee on your order form.

==> Whenever possible, give your customers an additional unexpected bonus or gift as a token of appreciation for their business.

==> There are only three ways to grow any business: (1) increase the number of clients you do business with; (2) increase the average units per sale; and (3) increase the number of times you do business with your customers.

==> Force yourself to operate under deadlines.

==> Testimonials add credibility. Use them as much as possible.

© 2010 by Craig Valine