Don’t Be a Marketing Fool

Yes, today is April Fool’s Day, but that doesn’t mean you should be a marketing fool today (or any day)! In my opinion, the biggest mistakes in marketing are made in the follow up. Are you being a marketing fool, or are you being a marketing genius?

Let me give you 2 examples of how Marketing Fools and Marketing Geniuses do things differently in their follow up…and how you can be a Marketing Genius!

Example 1:

Marketing Fools spend all their money in one place. Think Super Bowl ads. Sure, big companies can do this (even though they’re still fools), but not me and you. Spending our money in one place is dangerous.

Think about it…how many things have you bought after seeing it ONE time? I bet you can count the purchases on ONE hand. That’s why spending our marketing dollars in one place is a bad idea. Buyers need consistency to trust you…and to really see/hear your offer.

That’s why… Marketing Geniuses spend their marketing dollars in multiple places with the same marketing message. Again, buyers need consistency. They need repetition.

Just think of yourself as a buyer. Don’t you buy after hearing a message multiple times?

Also, think about where you hear marketing messages. Aren’t you more prone to buying a widget if you’ve heard about it on the radio, in an e-mail, on the TV, and from a friend? The more places you hear about it/see it, the better the chance you’ll want it.

Be everywhere your market is! That’s how Marketing Geniuses play the game!

Example 2:

Marketing Fools spend their time designing pretty ads and messages that catch their prospect’s eye. Think big or multiple pictures and little copy (text). Think full color. Think attention and not response…no action after seeing the message.

You see, when you use marketing like this, you don’t stand out! Every fool is marketing this way…and there are more fools than geniuses…so, if you look like everyone else, don’t you blend in? Duh! Of course you do.

That’s why… Marketing Geniuses spend their time designing intriguing messages and offers that draw their prospect into their web. This is known as Direct Response marketing. This is what geniuses use.

You don’t want to leave your marketing to chance. You want to draw your prospect in and keep them in. How do you do it? With words on paper!!!

Sure, pictures are involved, but not as the main attraction. You have to be different. When most other entrepreneurs are using pictures and few words…go the opposite direction. Few pictures and tons of words.

Not only will this draw people in…it will also allow you to offer them something of value. Here is where marketing geniuses make the prospect take action. You have to elicit a response from the prospect. The more they get involved…the more they buy.

Final note: NOW is the time to follow up more than ever. In this recessionary economy, you’re going to see most entrepreneurs fail…and some succeed.

Mark my words, the entrepreneurs who market and follow up the most NOW will be the successful ones…they will be the entrepreneurs of the future!