Discover the Benefits of Integrated Marketing for Small Businesses

In the 21st century there are plenty of ways to promote your business such as television, radio and billboard advertisements. If you’re a small business owner with a small budget, these marketing strategies can seem out of reach. Integrating your direct mail and online marketing strategies is an effective way to drive traffic to your website, without blowing your budget.

Combining an effective direct mail marketing strategy with your online campaigns is effective due to its simplicity. Many online marketing strategies such as social media marketing, article marketing and guest blogging are free. Direct mail marketing can provide you with a targeted stream of customers to your website at costs you can afford.

Social networking platforms are free to set up and easy to run. Integrating them with your mail strategies is an easy way to drive traffic to your pages. Encourage people to visit these pages with incentives. Inform them of a specific discount only available to your Facebook ‘friends’, or a competition you are running via Twitter.

Flyer and brochure campaigns give you complete control over how your advertisements look, and who receives them. Eye catching and creative presentation in the form of printed envelopes is a simple way to encourage your customers to open your post. Your business can hire a local print management company to deal with all of your printing and distribution. This leaves you with more time to focus on your online campaigns.

Once you have grabbed your recipients’ attention, you need to call for a specific action. Send your recipient to a specific website designed for this campaign. That way you can clearly track the success of your direct mail marketing campaign. Simply telling people to visit your website or social media pages may only yield a few results.

Another advantage of integrated marketing is you can combine a personal and standardised approach. Address your recipients by name where possible in your letters and mail marketing to avoid your efforts being considered as spam. Once they visit the specific website or social networking page you can keep a uniformed response.

Integrating your free and paid for marketing strategies is a simple and effective solution for small business owners. Depending on the size of our budget, you may choose to send postcards to customers who have ‘opted in’, over letters to everyone. Shop around for design and print quotes that fit your budget and make sure your online campaigns are already set up and yielding results.